Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About me

I am Ch J Satyananda Kumar. A retired employee from Visakhapatnam Port Trust, Vizag, AP, India. I am 54. I am devout Christian. Having deep belief in Jesus Christ. I read my Bible. I do a little bit of preaching and at times share the word of God with congregations. But I shun the deformities in the institutionalized religion. I believe that there should be a direct contact between God and man. No intermediaries!

I am a person with social consciousness. I am a consumer activist. I started the Consumer organization called SCARE (Society for consumer awareness redressal and education) in 1992 and have done lot of active service through it for many years. Through consumer advocacy I helped hundreds of people to redress their grievances. I also help people, when they don't get their retirement dues and the people who have several problems. I solve those problems by guiding them to take up with different consumer fora, Council for Fair Business Practices, MRTP Commission, Institution of Lokayukta of A.P., Banking Ombudsman, Insurance Ombudsman, Director of Public Grievances (Government of India) etc.

As a person I love literature. I used to write stories and articles during my youth long ago in Telugu. After wards, when I became busy with my job and other social activities, there was a long gap in my literary pursuits. Literary interests have been rekindled in me, of late because of availability of lot of time after my voluntary retirement from my job and with the encouragement of my only daughter, Supriya. Of late, I have started writing English Poetry, which I contribute to Muse India.com, Poem Hunters. com, Poetfreak.com, Voicesnet.Com, Coffeeconnectionpoets.Com and Poem-N-verse.co.uk. English poetry is my latest passion.

Mine is a small cozy family. My wife, daughter and I. We are living happily in our little flat at our picturesque colony. The two trees in front of my flat are the greatest inspiration to me for my poetic musings.

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