Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Trees in my Front Yard

Since two decades, I have been watching the Mango tree and Margosa tree
Growing-up fast, straight and strong in my front yard, inspiring my writing spree
The local authority sown the Margosa sapling as part of avenue plantation
And forgotten it there after, in callous disgusting inattention
My neighbor planted the Mango tree out of his sheer botanical attention
And he continued to care for and nurture it with environmental adoration.
But, both the trees survived the onslaught of nature and lived to give me inspiration.
Fowls of the heaven thronged the two trees for victuals and habitation,
And their chirps, squeaks, tweets, twitters and flutters have no limitation.
Parrots in all their grandiose hovered around them,
Especially in summer season for Mangos, sweet and plum.
Twittering Sparrows danced and dangled,
On numerous Margosa branches mangled.
On the top of their branches Crows built the nests,
Munching the white ants and pests,
Occasionally enjoying the stolen food fests.
The Koel perched on the Mango tree, eating tender leaves, coos melodiously.
Her soul mate on a distant tree, replies in bustling razzle adoring her amorously.
Cute squirrels hop and jump from branch to branch all over, cheerful and free.
Butterflies in different hues and colours dance around to one’s glee.
An occasional Pigeon picks up a leaf or grass blade.
A Myna parades its beauty jazzing in tree’s shade.
These two trees are also dear to my fellow humans,
Not just to the birds of sky and ravens.
Under these trees my daughter and her friends played their childhood games.
On Shivaratri@ it is the favorite spot to spend the night, to my neighborhood fasting dames.
The seasonal shepherd rests under their shade with his herd.
Feeding his sheep with few leaves of the trees, he eats his rice with chilly, onion and curd
Completing her sales beat, the fisher woman squats under tree shade,
Smoking a hand made cigar, checks-up how much profit she made.
My mobile Launderer parks his flat push cart under the tree,
And knocks my door to collect my clothes for Istree.*
A poor beggar,
A wandering sluggard,
A tired Rod bender,
An Ice fruit vender,
Find the tree shades ideal to relax and rest,
Not able to afford the comfort of fan and AC, they find it the best.
These two trees dutifully fulfilled the purpose of their life,
By providing shade and rest to the people in strife,
Giving room to the shelter less birds,
And by feeding the hungry men, birds and herds!
But the man with brains fail to realize the purpose of his life
And just ponders for the riches, luxuries and comforts for him, his children and wife

@Shivaratri= A Hindu festival
* Istree= Ironing (in Telugu)

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