Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spiritual Hawkers

Come all ye heavily laden,
Come all ye miserably burdened brethren,
We will give you spiritual rest,
Believe us, our offer is the best.
You need not pray
For your daughter’s wedding,
For your family’s blessing,
For your son’s job,
For your husband’s drinking spree which causes you sob.
We have prayer warriors,
Who will carry all your woes to the heavenly barriers,
As your personal faith couriers.
Yes brother and sister, you need not take trouble to pray,
We have our prayer towers,
Which will intercept on your behalf with heavenly powers.
You need not read any Bible verse,
We are here to tell you how to free from curse.
We will give you the gist of the Bible through our grand mother fables,
Which will further impress you with our mighty babbles.
You need not repent,
You need not convert,
You need not justify,
You need not sanctify.
Just leave all your burden on us, we will take care of the rest.
All that you will have to do is,
Just for the glory of the Lord, share with us your purse,
We will redeem you from your curse.
Just give us your tithe,
We will protect your faith,
And take charge of your spiritual fight.
You know, we are faith healers,
Contemporary religious rulers,
Universal gospellers,
Mighty radio and TV speakers.
We can speak in angelic tongues,
We can bind the powerful satanic wings.
We can summon Seraphim to join us in our praise and worship.
We can go to heaven and sit on Cherubim before His Lordship.
Just repose your faith in us, we will take care of the rest.
Brother and Sister please don’t believe any false doctrines.
Our doctrine is honey and sugar, theirs is staid saccharine.
Don’t go to any other church,
For fellowship and spiritual perch,
They will destruct you, destroy and lurch.
Don’t go to any Christian group, with spiritual hope
They will destruct you, destroy and dupe
Don’t believe any pastor, preacher or evangelist,
You know, they are on Beelzebub’s muster list.
We alone can ensure you a guaranteed heavenly passage
We can only show you the mighty Lord’s visage
We are the Lord’s sole commissioned servants,
Revered biblical authorities and theological savants.
We are Messiah’s modern messengers,
Self appointed heavenly harbingers.
Religious dominance is our autonomy,
Don’t question us, it is blasphemy!

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